This application will have support for waiter,kitchen,bara and the customer
All tailered for each user groups needs

Waiter application

This is the first part that we have started with

New Table order

Click Table button
Click buttons 0-9 buttons to select a table
When done click on Table button again to confirm
Menu is now loaded to take order

Take Order

Click on a dish to order
If you know the dish number enter it Click 0-9 buttons to select a a dish
When you entered the number press Dish button to confirm
Dish buton gets red if you entered a non existing dishe
The selected dish will be moved into focus

Remove a selected dish

Dubbel click on dish and you get a popup Smenu
You can remove one or all orders of this dish

Popup menu

From popup menu you can also see desciption of dish and the ingreience

Filter dishes

By clicking on dish header you can add a filter to filter out for example all pizza dishes etc


Click on column header to sort

Backlog of features

Better filtering
Filter by category
Filter field for easy filtering
Filter by popularity, app will learn what is most popular at for a day in the week and for today
Sort by popularit
Send order to kitchen and bar
See status of a table, what is ordered and what is delivered
Notification bar from kitchen and bar
Request bill to be cloded and printed, in future via wifi printer